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3/5. Bucket elevators

 Elévateur à godets The use of bucket elevators for mechanical vertical transport of bulk products is now an essential part of the production process for many industries. Bucket elevators are also in wide use in most bulk product handling installations in industry, agriculture and mining. They provide vertical lifting systems for solid bulk products, via buckets fixed at regular intervals on a conveyor chain or belt.

This lifting and handling equipment for granular or powdery materials takes up very little space and ensures maximum safety. Their long service life and the long periods between maintenance interventions mean that bucket elevators are sturdy and reliable. SERVA bucket elevators provide vertical handling for all types of bulk products without sticky or fouling characteristics (ores, cereals, etc.) over heights of up to 40 m. They can be used in particular to fill storage silos or feed transformation processes (grinders, dryers, etc.).

Our twin-column bucket elevators have the advantage of avoiding bucket entanglement if the supporting chain or belt breaks. Thanks to their fully closed structure, they also provide a good seal for the product carried.
  • Output: up to 200 tonnes per hour
  • Height: up to 40m
  • Stuffing box and pillow block

All our bucket elevators are made to measure, and they are easily adaptable and combinable with all the conveyors we manufacture. Our design department can help you to choose the outputs and possible variants to suit your environments and your budget.

Download the brochure

Download the brochure
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General technical characteristics

 Elévateur à godets The material is fed in through a feed hopper. The product is then picked up continuously by buckets fixed at regular distances on an endless conveyor belt that turns around rotary bearings at the head and foot of the bucket elevator. The buckets are emptied by centrifugal force into an unloading hopper in the upper section, once they have passed the upper bearing. The bucket elevator is driven by a motor and reduction gear unit.

Possible options and variants:

  • ATEX and food-grade components
  • Stainless or painted steel conveyor
  • Steel, stainless steel or plastic buckets
  • Galvanization

Your conveyor design

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Your conveyor design
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