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4/5. Chain conveyors

Transporteur à chaines The chain conveyor was invented by Redler, an Englishman, whose name is often used to refer to the equipment. Featuring one or more chains depending on the difficulty of the handled product and fitted in a very sturdy metal structure, these conveyors can be used to handle wet or dry granular or powder products over long distances and at very high flow rates. They have the advantage of being able to carry bulk products over straight horizontal or sloping paths, with a very good seal.

Redler conveyors can be used to carry products without damaging them, at a low level of energy consumption, and without taking up much room in relation to the volume carried. They constitute a handling system that is quiet, clean, and sealed, because it is fully closed; this limits retention of the products carried.

Like all our bulk product carrying systems, our chain conveyors are devised in our design department, which implements innovative, long-term technologies that give real value for money; they are based on know-how stemming from feedback in many fields of activity.
  • Output: up to 150 tonnes per hour
  • Length: up to 50 m
  • Width: up to 800 mm

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Download the brochure
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General technical characteristics

A Redler conveyor is made up of one or more flat-linked chains on which lateral bars are fixed, acting as scrapers. The chain travels along inside a casing with a rectangular cross-section, between a drive sprocket and a return sprocket, with the lower length sliding along the base of the casing. The bulk products carried fall to the bottom of the casing through the upper length of the chain.

Possible options and variants:

  • Possibility of having several inlets and outlets with one-way or two-way chains
  • ATEX and food grade components
  • Steel, stainless steel or plastic blades
  • Single- or twin-arm chain
  • Anti-wear base

Your conveyor design

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Your conveyor design
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